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The NHS in England faces the perfect storm brought about by:

  • An ageing and growing population.
  • Unprecedented demand, coupled with a dramatic increase in Long Term Conditions and Multi-Morbidity.

Funding has simply not kept pace with demand. The NHS is funded through taxation and with proportionately less people in employment paying taxes, services will inevitably be stretched.

The challenge going forward is in balancing a continued increase in demand for NHS services whilst sustaining a budget that is constrained by National Austerity.

Technology will be a key enabler and Mastek has committed to work with NHS Arm’s Length Bodies, Providers and Commissioners to provide innovative agile solutions to manage these challenges allowing them to focus resources to maximum effect.

NHS Finances

Mastek are currently engaged in numerous projects within the NHS working with our NHS colleagues to enable the management of resource and funds in a proactive, agile manner. The data held within services developed by Mastek on behalf of the NHS has been a key component in allocating funds via the National Tariff Payment System (formerly known as PbR). Every event for Inpatients, Out Patients and Accident and Emergency is captured and costed and then presented for analytics., thus providing a rich opportunity for the NHS to adopt a more proactive approach to healthcare delivery.

The Mastek data collection has also been used for many years to formulate a ‘Tariff’ which is a crucial element in managing funds in the NHS.

Mastek has the unique insight into how the levers of control can be applied to achieve Sustainability and Transformation to achieve expenditure within HM Treasury control totals.

Mastek will continue to deliver programmes to the NHS in support of its transformation by supplying state of the art Business Intelligence, Analytics Services and Data Lakes/Vaults/Warehouse solutions.

The NHS Sustainability Transformation Plans(STP) challenge.

Lord Carter Report.

In February 2016 Lord Carter of Coles published recommendations on how the NHS could achieve savings of approx £5bn per annum across the NHS.

The main premise upon which savings can be realised is that every organization should achieve the “mean” cost, enabling sustainable efficiencies. Building on our intimate knowledge of NHS Data and to support these initiatives Mastek has produced analytics that allow Providers to view areas of overspend whilst enabling the user to drill down in granular detail.

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The NHS Improvement Challenge

Can government afford to fund healthcare in the way it traditionally has, given the changing demands upon it? Competing priorities from other departments coupled with a dramatic rise in preventable conditions call for a more informed and proactive approach.

The NHS is struggling to cope with the changing and increased demands placed upon it and is already facing a considerable financial overrun estimated at £22bn by 2020. The causes of which are:

  • People are living longer
  • A dramatic increase in patients with Long Term Conditions with high levels of Multi-morbidity, many of which are preventable.
  • A system that is largely reactive, the opportunities in adopting a more proactive approach are significant.

The effects of the current situation are:

  • Some NHS providers are already having to choose between what services they can provide and can-not which is against the very principle upon which the NHS was initially founded.
  • Waiting lists for certain services are increasing
  • Budgets are being exceeded as providers of healthcare struggle to keep pace with demand

NHS Improvement together with NHS England are the responsible organisations to monitor performance across service provision and financial management. They are key stakeholders entrusted to make the NHS Great. These organisations are dependent on Data to support these vital functions. Data within the NHS is plentiful and complex, Mastek has provided NHS Improvement with technical resource and subject matter experts to construct a Strategic Information Platform (SIP). This platform is central to the functions across NHSI as captured in the diagram below).This data and a self-service Analytics solution enables NHSI to meet it’s statutory obligations and ensure that resources can be focused where needed most.

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NHS Digital

NHS Digital, (formerly The Health and Social Care Information Centre, “HSCIC”) was formed in April 2013 as an executive, non-departmental public body and the national provider of information, data and IT systems for patients, service users, clinicians, commissioners, analysts, and researchers in health and social care.

NHS Digital’s role is to improve health and social care in England by putting technology, data and information to work. NHS Digital provide national technology and information services and are the center of excellence and leadership in the development and use of technology, data and information across the NHS. Working with partners across the health and social care system, particularly within the framework of the National Information Board (NIB), NHS Digital have the key role in enabling and supporting the whole health and care system to use technology, data and information to transform services

NHS Digital is responsible for setting standards for data collections and is the core organisation within the NHS that has responsibility to support HM Government with accurate and timely information on the measures set by policy. NHS Digital manages the security of data within the NHS and is the provider of Information Governance systems to support 1.5M users accessing data within the NHS.

Mastek continues to be a key supplier in the development and ongoing support of the NHS Digital systems which led to Mastek being awarded contracts for both Identity and Access Management as well as the Secondary Uses Service.

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NHS Digital SUS

A major contributor to NHS Digital services is the Secondary Uses Service the transition of which was awarded to Mastek in 2014. SUS has undergone update releases each year to support new policies for the National Tariff Payment System (formerly PbR). Mastek’s experience with SUS goes back many years and includes 8 releases with a 0,0,0,0,0, defect mask. SUS is fundamental to the NHS and has well over 5 billion records held within it. SUS is the source for the Health Episode Statistics (HES) a data set used throughout the NHS for quality, service profiling and risk assessments.

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